Find attendees with little effort

Image illustrating the feature

For event hosts

When we schedule an event with several persons, unforeseen events can happen and we end up missing a couple of players for that soccer match right up there near the finish line. We have a feature to help you with this. Enter “Radar”. When you enable “Radar” for an event, Planamatch will search in the background for players near the events' location. When available, Planamatch will show you a list of user that might be available, so you can review and invite raising the probability of a successful event.

Radar screenshot

For users looking to practice sports

If you are someone who wants to make new friends and practice new sports, “Radar” can help you by matching you with nearby events that are looking for players.

When you enable “Radar” you will be asked for a description about you and what you are looking for. Also, it asks you where you are looking for so it can match you base on location. This will generate a “beacon” that will be active for 30 days and will be shown to hosts when they are looking for attendees for their events. If you get selected by someone, you should receive an invitation for that event. After the 30 days, you can either renew the beacon to keep looking or just let it fade away.

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