Sport events are better with friends

Organise some healthy fun with one friend or dozens with the same ease.

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A better way to organise events

From a small 1-on-1 tennis outing to a full 11-on-11 football match, with Planamatch organising is simple.

Always in the loop

No need for calls or SMS back and forth. Everyone gets updated at the same time.

Co-host events

Don't put everything on one person. Allow other users to help manage any event.

Email notifications

Never be left out. Get updated of any last minute changes.


Keep events in your schedule. Get updates on your preferred calendar application.

Collaborative tools

Whether it's a group of friends or your teammates, keep everyone on the same page.

Get everyone together

Create a Group to simplify event sharing and keep people together.


Your main communication hub.


Create events directly for your group of friends. No need to invite everyone individually.

This is what they say

Testimonials from around the web.

“O Planamatch é uma ferramenta bastante útil para a gestão e planeamento dos nossos jogos. Simples, intuitiva e eficaz, recomendo sem hesitação.”

Jorge Pinto

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Frequently asked questions

How can I invite friends?
There are a couple of ways. You can search by name or e-mail and send them an invitation. Alternatively, you can show them a QR code they can scan while you are together.
Do I need to invite everyone for every event?
You don't. With groups you can create events that all members can RSVP to.
Should I RSVP even if I'm not going?
You don't have to, but it's helpful for hosts and other members to know if they can count on you.
What is the difference between Manual & Automatic attendance?
Automatic means each user can confirm her presence automatically. When it's set to manual, the users only communicate availability. The confirmation is done by a host.
My kids are too young to have accounts. What now?
Thanks to the "Guest lists", you can track the attendance of virtually anyone, even people without accounts.