Sport events are better with friends

Organise some healthy fun with one friend or dozens with the same ease.

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A better way to organise events

From a small 1-on-1 tennis outing to a full 11-on-11 football match, with Planamatch organising is simple.

Event scheduling with timezone support

Event information is updated in real-time and visible to all attendees so everyone is in sync. Remove any possibility of miss understandings with clear information.
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Attending list

Everyone can see the shared attending list. Having a shared attending list empowers every attendee to help out by suggesting or inviting a neighbour or a friend for events with low attendance.
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Multiple onboarding options

Never cancel an event due to lack of attendees. You can invite users to your event by searching for name or e-mail. You can let a friend scan your event’s QR code and you can share a specific private url that will onboard any user that uses the url.
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Team builder

Design teams for your event without effort and automatically share it with the rest of the attendees.
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Individual matchmaking with Radar

Our “Matchmaking” (should totally be a synonym) service that privately matches possible attendees with events in need of attendees. As an attendee, this is an opt-in service that will open opportunities to practice sports. As an event host this is a good way to find people to ensure you have enough attendees for your event.
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Team Hub

Your team or just a group of friends all together in one place. A space where you can communicate and organize events.
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Performance metrics

Record metrics for your group members after events to view your performance gains over time.
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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

The tools you need to organise successful sports events.

Unlimited events
There’s no cap on the number of events you can publish. Add as many events as you want with no limits.
Embed events
Integrates seamlessly with your website. No coding skills required.
Add events to your iCalendar, Google or Outlook.
Multiple channels to keep everyone on the same page.
Location aware events
Everyone can get directions to the event.
Flexible permissions
Everyone can help organise.
Mobile friendly
Support for large and small screens alike.
Privacy focused
We care about privacy. Alternative to social networks like facebook.

This is what they say

Testimonials from around the web.

“O Planamatch é uma ferramenta bastante útil para a gestão e planeamento dos nossos jogos. Simples, intuitiva e eficaz, recomendo sem hesitação.”

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Jorge Pinto

“Estou ligada a uma equipa Amadora e a planamatch tornou-se uma ferramenta fundamental para combinar os nossos jogos. Poupa-nos imenso tempo na organização e gestão dos jogos. O facto de fazer equipas aleatórias facilita imenso, assim chegamos ao campo e já sabemos quem joga com quem.”

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Catarina Jacinto
Personal trainer e Osteopata

“Sou fã da Planamatch! Aquilo que sempre foi a parte mais aborrecida de combinar jogos da bola com os amigos, a usarem 327 mil ferramentas, entre SMS, whatsapp, etc, para acertar a data, horas, local, equipas, entre outros, agora é super fácil e divertido! Recomendo vivamente! E ainda se pode dar umas notas de performance à malta, o que torna tudo ainda mais competitivo (como se fosse preciso!) E até posso mudar de desporto... Mas a Planamatch vai comigo! Adoro!”

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Patricia Gouveia
Ex-jogadora Sporting Clube de Portugal

“O planamatch é uma ferramenta muito útil porque:
1-simplifica e ajuda sobremaneira na organização de um evento desportivo
2-permite, muito rapidamente, formar equipas.
3-é muito intuitivo e esteticamente apelativo
4-apresenta grande possibilidade de desenvolvimento, com novas ferramentas estatísticas que permitem tirar conclusões sobre as prestações individuais dos atletas.”

__('testimonial picture')
Paulo Prata

“Planamatch made everything easier. We love it.”

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How can I invite friends?
There are a couple of ways. You can search by name or e-mail and send them an invitation. Alternatively, you can show them a QR code they can scan while you are together.
Do I need to invite everyone for every event?
You don't. With groups you can create events that all members can RSVP to.
Should I RSVP even if I'm not going?
You don't have to, but it's helpful for hosts and other members to know if they can count on you.
What is the difference between Manual & Automatic attendance?
Automatic means each user can confirm her presence automatically. When it's set to manual, the users only communicate availability. The confirmation is done by a host.
My kids are too young to have accounts. What now?
Thanks to the "Guest lists", you can track the attendance of virtually anyone, even people without accounts.